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  • Q What are the types of X-ray tubes available?

    A   There are three types of X-ray tubes listed below:
    1. Open X-ray tube (open tube)
    ● Expensive
    ● It needs regular maintenance
    ● Can self-calibrate
    ● Filaments and targets are the consumables
    ● X-rays will be transmitted through the target
    2. Conventional enclosed radiographic tube (closed tube)
    ● Not so expensive
    ● No need maintenance
    ● The life span of the tube life will be about 5000 hours. After that, the tube should be replaced
    ● As the tube ages, its focus will increase followed by the blurring of the image
    ● Here, tubes are the consumables
    ● X-rays are emitted by refraction
  • Q What are the major parameters of a X-ray inspection machine?

    The major parameters of an automotive X-ray inspection machine include:
    1. Magnification
    ● Geometric magnification, with the optical magnification
    ● The total magnification that can enlarge the photo digitally via the computer, followed by an in-depth observation.
    2. Manipulator
    ● Anti-collision design
    ● The more the shafts, the better will be the precision
    ● 360-degree plane rotation
    ● Sample holder
    3. Radiation protection to prevent leakage
    ● As per the international standards, the permissible level of radiation leakage will be less than 1µSv/hr.  
  • Q What are the X-ray tube parameters for a X-ray machine?

    The following are the parameters considered for the X-ray tube: 
    ● Voltage in KV
    ● Tube current and tube power
    ● Target current and target power
    ● Relationship between tube power and target power
    ● Target current measurement
    ● Focus port size
    ● Spatial resolution
    ● Focal size VS geometric shading
    ● Feature resolution
    ● Detail detectability of the system
  • Q What are the aspects that determine the image quality of a X-ray machine?

    ● Parameters of X-ray tube such as spatial resolution, target current, detail detectability, and focus port size
    ● Detector
    ● Geometric magnification
  • Q Why choose our X-ray machine?

    We have the right combination of the technical knowledge with qualified service expertise to provide proper maintenance service on our every X-ray system. If you have any query about our products or services, you can immediately contact us via online chat, phone, or email, so that our professional team will solve them at once.
    1. Professional Service Team
    ELT has a team of well-experienced engineers to provide timely services for every customer, including consulting services, custom design, equipment qualification, safety inspection service, and so on.
    2. Training & Maintenance Services
    ELT offers an exceptional range of after-sales services, such as online video instructions and installation guides for our customers to ensure that their new or existing equipment is in safe and good operating mode, with a long life cycle. Additionally, we provide prompt safety inspection with regular maintenance service as per the personalized needs of our customers. These services are also available for X-ray machines delivered by other suppliers.
    3. Customized Services
    Once when you share the application details to our team, we will recommend the best X-ray inspection solution for you. At times, a customized solution will be the best, where we’ll work with you to suggest the right X-ray machine that will meet all your requirements. Hence, you can contact our sales and support team to discuss our services at any time as per your convenience.




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