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X-Ray Testing Equipment Provides Quality Control For New Energy Vehicle Power Batteries

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As the heart of new energy vehicles, power batteries have naturally become the focus of attention in the process of industrial development. Power batteries are the core component that determines the quality of an electric vehicle. Battery quality affects vehicle safety and driving range, and safety and driving range Mileage is the issue that users are most concerned about when considering purchasing electric vehicle products. It can be said that the development of power batteries has always been the lifeblood of the new energy vehicle industry. Power batteries play such an important role, how to control the quality? Therefore, it is necessary to choose an X-ray inspection equipment with mature technology and excellent quality.

Battery companies focus on the research and development of battery cell performance, while vehicle companies focus on the use of batteries, in other words, how to create user value. At this stage, the battery is a relatively weak part in the vehicle manufacturer. It is afraid of cold, heat, water, and bumps. On the other hand, users’ requirements for cruising range are to arrange more power in a limited space. For passengers, This contradiction is particularly acute when considering the layout of every inch of space in a vehicle. Vehicle companies need to put aside the relationship between OEMs and suppliers and instead work closely with partners to jointly promote the iteration and evolution of battery technology.

It is worth noting that first of all, on the basis of improving the performance and capacity of the battery cells themselves, at the vehicle level, a lot of exploratory work has been done on the quantified design of the battery system, thermal management, electrodes and structural safety parts, and through durability and strengthened road tests to realize the overall user value of the power battery system. Secondly, battery technology is also advancing rapidly. The application of new positive and negative electrode material systems and new electrolytes also requires battery companies to cooperate with vehicle companies to install forward-looking technologies on the vehicle platform as soon as possible for verification.

For China's power battery industry, winning in terms of quantity is a phased achievement. How to continuously improve quality and technology is the key to winning the future.

ELT Technology has been committed to X-ray technology for more than ten years. The power battery X-Ray testing equipment produced by the company is mainly used in the power battery industry. It uses the principle of X-ray transmission to penetrate the inside of the battery and align the positive and negative electrodes of the power battery. The degree and winding condition are automatically measured and imaged in real time to see whether there are any internal defects at a glance. It can automatically determine OK and NG batteries according to the set standards, and can be connected with the customer's automatic production line to realize automated operations.




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