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Application Of X-Ray Testing Equipment In Automobile Parts

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With the progress of society and the rapid development of the automobile industry, people have put forward higher and higher requirements for the reliability, stability and appearance of automobiles in long-term operation. Among the materials used in automobiles, many are mainly metal materials. Such as cast steel, cast aluminum, etc. These castings affect the safety and service life of the car. The use of X-ray non-destructive testing equipment can detect the quality of the castings.

In order to make cars safer, many auto parts manufacturers need to inspect every workpiece used in the car. Such as car engines, car pistons, piston rings, connecting rods, brake systems, steering wheels, car wheels, shock absorber connecting rods and other parts. Are there any flaws, cracks, or bubbles in these workpieces? Once these substandard products appear, it will directly affect the safety of the car. Therefore, inspections must be done. So what instrument can be used to do it? X-ray non-destructive testing equipment can meet the needs of this detection.

The X-ray non-destructive testing equipment independently developed and produced by ELT Technology can automatically and quickly detect the size of workpieces, analyze and intelligently identify defects. Using X-ray inspection equipment and using The real-time image of the defect is intuitive, and the defect shape, size, quantity, plane position and distribution range can be presented. At the same time, X-ray testing equipment can be connected with the manufacturer's production line to achieve 100% online testing of products.




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