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Application Areas Of Industrial Ct

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In recent years, industrial CT has become more and more famous in the field of non-destructive testing. So what kind of equipment is industrial CT, what functions does it have, and what are its application fields?

Industrial CT (abbreviation: ICT) is computed tomography or industrial computed tomography imaging. Industrial CT is intuitive, accurate, and non-destructive. Therefore, the international non-destructive testing community calls industrial CT the best non-destructive testing method. Since the 1980s, major industrialized countries in the world have used X-ray or γ-ray industrial CT in aerospace, aviation, military, metallurgy, machinery, petroleum, electric power, geology, archaeology and other departments. The detection objects include missiles and rocket engines. , military sealing components, nuclear waste, petroleum cores, computer chips, precision castings and forgings, automobile tires, ceramics and composite materials, customs drugs, archaeological fossils, etc. In the 1990s, my country also gradually used ICT technology in the field of industrial non-destructive testing.

X-ray CT can easily obtain the internal structure information of components without damaging or even contacting them, and can obtain accurate results within a scan time of several minutes to tens of minutes. Due to its ability to penetrate a variety of materials, X-ray CT can be used for dimensional measurement, porosity and inclusion analysis, reverse engineering, assembly verification, and many other applications related to automotive quality processes.

The industrial CT system developed and produced by Ailante Technology is easy to use, reasonably priced, and can be fully integrated into automated workshops for X-ray CT inspections. After collecting digital data, deviations in the manufacturing process can be predicted by connecting the CT results with fully automated data analysis software. In the future, direct processing corrections and zero-defect production will be achieved.

At present, industrial CT is widely used in various fields, such as the inspection of castings, forgings, welding parts, rocket engines, oil drill pipes, composite materials, ceramics and metallurgical products. Specific applications include: quality inspection of casting products, inspection of key aerospace components, inspection of material defects and density changes, inspection of hole corrosion and fracture conditions in reinforced concrete, etc. In addition to being widely used to detect the above types of defects, industrial CT can also be used to measure geometric dimensions. In short, industrial CT has good application prospects.




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